Bracing and Supports

Braces and Supports for Anklescalfkneethighbackelbowwristneck and shoulder

LPR Rigid Knee Brace - Breg

Knee Braces & Supports

Littleniggle offer a wide range of Knee Protection Supports and Braces. Our extensive range of Knee Protection Supports offer protection for a wide range of Knee injuries strains, pulls and pains

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Ankle Braces and Supports

We are delighted to offer a very wide selection of foot and ankle products, from some of the best Sports and orthopaedic manufacturers, we can also offer a foot and ankle product to suit all injuries

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Ankle Support - Core Line - Rehband

Calf Support - Rehband

Calf Supports

A Calf strain is an injury to the muscles of the back of the leg. The calf muscles span the distance from the knee to the ankle, becoming the Achilles tendon in the lower part of the leg. The calf muscleis made of three major muscles, the two gastrocnemius muscles and the soleus muscle.

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Thigh Supports

Similar to our range of calf products our range of thigh supports cater for all aspects of the thigh, we stock a wide range of thigh supports,Thigh cold therapy, Thigh support, 4 quad Thigh compression supports, we also have compression shorts to support the thigh as well.

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Ultimate Thigh Support - Ultimate Performance

AirXtend Back Support - Vulkan

Back Supports and Braces has sourced a wide range of Back supports and Back Braces to help ease your back pain. We stock a wide range of Back injury Braces and Supports , Mens Back Supports and Braces , Womens Back Supports and Braces , Maternity back and Bump Supports and Back Cold Therapy products

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Elbow injury Braces and Supports

Littleniggle Elbow Supports and Braces are selected to provide protection and to aid rehabilitation for any Elbow injuriesLittleniggle Elbow Supports and Braces offer you Elbow braces for Tennis Elbow , Elbow Compression Sleeves ,Elbow Cold Therapy all will help you recover from your Elbow’s Littleniggle

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AirXtend Elbow Support - Vulkan

AirXtend Wrist Support - Vulkan

Wrist Braces and Supports

Littleniggle range of Wrist Braces and Supports have been carefully selected to help reduce the pain experienced through carpal tunnelsyndromewrist fractureswrist sprainsrepetitive stress injury or arthritis.

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Neck Injury Collars, Braces and Supports

Neck Brace will keep your head relatively still while you recover from an injury. There are different types, ranging from the simple wrap-around model to the nearly rigid kind. Which one you wear depends on the cause of your neck pain

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Aspen Cervical Collar - Beagle Orthopeadic

Neoprene Shoulder Support - Ultimate Performance

Shoulder Supports and Braces

Shoulder injuries are frequently caused by athletic activities that involve excessive, repetitive, overhead motion, such as swimming, tennis, pitching, and weightlifting. Injuries can also occur during everyday activities such washing walls, hanging curtains, and gardening.

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Fracture Clinic products

Our range of fracture clinic products are selected to aid you rehabilitation form any fracture injuries. We stock a wide range of products forFracture rehabilitation these include, which cater for lower limb injuriesHand and wrist injuriesShoulders injuries and many more.

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Kare Jura Air Walker

Littleniggle Bracing and Supports

Littleniggle has broken down the Braces and Supports Section into Body parts to make it a s easy as possible to find the product you are looking for. Please choose from Braces and Supports for Anklescalfkneethighbackelbowwristneck and shoulder. We also have a specialist Kids Bracing ans Supports section as well as a braces adn Supports for people who are o#post fracture and need protection. It is important that you select the correct product, if you are unsiure which is the correct product for you please contact our customer service team on 0844 82 62 583 or email;